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Pool Safety Net Supplier


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Pool Safety Net Supplier Products

Have a look at the variety of swimming pool safety products we can install for you.

Safety Nets

Swimming pool safety nets are a convenient safety cover for when you still want to see the fresh water from your pool, but with the added benefit of keeping your children and pets safe.

At Bliss, Rustenburg, our safety nets are designed in such a way that only adults are able to remove the net.

Concerning toddlers or small children, our nets are designed in such a way that even the smallest toddlers head won’t be able to fit through one of the openings. A toddler can also not crawl toward the centre or climb under the net.

Our Swimming pool safety nets are fitted to cover any size or shape pool. Even swimming pools with rock or water features or even raised decks, can be covered.

All our safety nets are built in with a Central Tensioning System which floats and is operated by pulleys built into the net. The net’s tension can then be adjusted from tight to very tight and the pulley system won’t tangle.

Solid Swimming Pool PVC Covers

If you want the added benefit of not just keeping your loved ones safe, but also keep your pool clean from leaves or any other debris, then the solid swimming pool PVC cover at Bliss, Rustenburg, is the answer.

Solid PVC Covers can be made to fit any size pool.

Even if it rains, or water gets unto the cover, our covers are designed not to retain water, but has a specially designed system to drain the water, accumulated on top of the covers.



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