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Tracey: 0828066884
Monica: 0793779638
Office: 0145332904
Address: 23 Vink Ave, Safari Gardens, Rustenburg
Facebook: Body & Wellness Clinic


Beauty Salon Services

  • Ozone Therapy:
    Cures and improves the following:

    • Heart Disease
    • Diabetes
    • Cancer
    • Weight loss, Detox & Cellulite
    • Boost Metabolism
    • Depression & Anxiety
    • Stress & Headaches
    • Kills bacteria & viruses
  • Resolution 7
    Combines ultrasound, soft lazer therapy and oxygen for exceptional cellulite reduction, body contouring and skin smoothing treatments.Helps to sculpture your body into the contours you desire.
  • Hawkins Slimming Machine
    Promote weight loss by burning calories

    • Intensive Muscular Exercise
    • Drains toxins and Excess body fluids
    • Relieves pain and muscle fatigue
    • Improves Cellulite
    • Reduce body measurements
    • Increase blood and lymph circulation
    • Firms skin and Muscles
  • Beauty Salon
    • We also offer sunbed sessions.

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